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Higher education in Malaysia from Sri Lanka has been a popular choice amongst the international students for quite some time. This is because if you choose a suitable institute in a country that is also convenient, then the journey of studying abroad becomes much easier. Malaysia offers an affordable education with an average annual tuition fee of around $3,000.Also, apart from the world-class education system, Malaysia offers an intricate lifestyle that makes international students feel comfortable and safe. The high-quality education, elevated standard of living, and immersive culture make Malaysia one of the most agreeable places for international students.

  • Seamless Immigration Procedures

    The Malaysian visa processing system is time efficient and trouble-free compared to other countries with strict student visa protocols. All you have to do is just follow a few steps because your selected institution will help you get your study visa. Yes, it is that easy! Being much more affordable than other popular education destinations, the entry requirements in Malaysia are also simple. The visa processing is less strict and straightforward. Your proficiency in English would be enough to study in Malaysia; you will not have any language barriers since Malay and English are the two most used languages there

    Seamless Immigration Procedures
  • Multicultural Study Environment

    When you Study in Malaysia from Sri Lanka, you will experience an immensely diverse education environment since there will be plenty of other international students from different ethnicities, religions, and traditions. Malaysia hosts a growing international student population of over 200,000 students from various countries. Hence, you will get a great opportunity to learn about various cultures, make new friends, and be a part of the immersive culture Malaysia offers.

    Multicultural Study Environment
  • Safe and Peaceful

    Malaysia ranked among the first twenty safest nations in the world as per the Global Peace Index 2023 because of its stable, secure, and flourishing industrial growth and political stability. Also, the crime rate in Malaysia is relatively lower along with a highly adaptable weather, which is a great perk for international students.

    Safe and Peaceful


    Visa Requirements

    Getting a student visa for Malaysia is comparatively simpler and easier than in other countries. Any international student willing to study in Malaysia to receive a degree or diploma must have completed...

    Top Courses in Malaysia

    Malaysia is home to over 1,00,000 international students that come from different parts of the world. It offers a unique experience and has a variety of high-quality educational programs that...

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