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Parents’ Guide

To Safeguard your child’s future with us

1 Week ago

Parents of Indian students aspiring to study abroad might have myriad questions and concerns regarding the entire process, the prospects, and the challenges that might come their way.

PFEC Global is a conduit for Indian parents and their children who harbour aspirations to venture into higher studies in notable educational institutions across the world—Australia, the UK, Malaysia, the USA, and Canada.

Here are some common questions and thoughts likely to be pondering in your minds:

A. General

1.What advantages does an international degree offer to our child?

2.When to Begin the Application Process for Studying Abroad?

3.How can I support my child's journey?

B. Academic Concerns:

4.Which countries offer the best education in our field of interest?

5.How do we choose the right university and course for our child?

6.What are the language proficiency requirements, and how can we meet them?

7.How can we ensure the chosen program will offer good career prospects?

C. Financial Queries:

8.How will we finance the education, and what will be the total cost including tuition, accommodation, and other living expenses?

9.Are there any scholarships or financial aid available for international students, and how can we apply for them?

10.What are the available options for education loans, and what will be the repayment terms?

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